inner tire carrier storage (what goes here? )

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Nov 27, 2011
this wing nut looks purposefully places. is this a storage compartment for something?

its a 1969 fj40
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You got my curiosity up with your pic. I had to go look at my early 71 since I didn't remember anything being there. And, nope, no wing nut/bolt there. Everything else is the same though. What you have there must have been added by a PO, for whatever reason.

It does not look like a modification. It is possible this is from another year. Although most of this truck is original.
I personally think it is a modification as I have never seen or heard of anything like this. But, it definitely is a well executed modification.

Maybe Living in the past can chime in on this as he is a wealth of information.

Possibly a mounting point for a security chain for the spare tire?
What a mystery.
I'm looking into what other years had a similar style spare tire carrier. I think it's pre 74
Could have been used for a limit strap to keep the tire off the body when opened?
I have a 69 with that spare tire carrier. No wing nut on mine but I was wondering if you know how the carrier is supposed to stay closed. I have to use some bungee cords right now to keep it from sinning open.
if the wing nut is not metric then its probably added ,doesnt look stock to me
Will if coolerman doesn't have one, I'm ready to call it an owner addon. The po did a great job. But now I gotta figure out what I can put here :)

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