Inner fenders FJ40 new

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Feb 27, 2002
United States
I had a number of pairs of inner fenders made to fit 79 up FJ40's. They have the correct rib size and spacing, 16 guage steel. As with any inner fenders, these must be welded in, and requre some fabrication. I deliberately had them made in two pieces, top and side, since they are MUCh easier to install that way. All you need are several clamps, welding skill, ability to measure correctly, and patience to end up with a very correct, clean, and nice replacement. CCO"T get's over 250 per side, I'll sell for 350 for the set (two sides, two tops). Pics available on request, I have one set, FOB 79762. They can be used on earlier FJ40 as well, I've put several in pre 79 models.
We're going ahead with the 16 ga diamond plate for our inners, to match the diamond plate bed. Found a guy locally who will do the fab for a reasonable price. I gave him drawings to make them out of one piece, but you're saying to use two pieces per inner fender? BTW - the sill you shipped will be here tomorrow so we can get going on the bed. Jim

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