Inner fender paint

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Keystone Cruisers
Jun 9, 2003
Lancaster, PA

I searched around a little and was surprised I did not find anything. I would like to hear opinions on what to use to paint my front inner fenders. They are currently body colored and I would like to paint them black - something with a texture/rubbery consistency to protect from stone chips.

What have you all used? I am shying away from commercial bedliner (line-x) because of cost.

Why would you rub your arm across under the fender,seriously though a bed liner is the way to go if you looking for chip resistance.Anything else like Clova 300 is like 100 bucks a quart.
I just went to the auto parts store bought a couple spray cans of their "truck bed liner spray" and went to town.. No complaints

It's not rocket science.. cheap and if you scratch or scrape some off you can re-touch easily..

tried undercoating?

I have tried the various bedliner sprays and roll-ons, but have had better success with undercoating (does not seem to peel off as easily).
durabak black smooth - I have a can waiting to go on once my rig is ready for it. I have applied textured durabak in gray inside and also used it for the roof. I am very happy with the product. I have sprayed in on. My son did his undercarriage with smooth black and I like it!

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