Inner Body Part # - Difficult

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Sep 6, 2008
Hi there

Noticed a missing plastic part ob my LC 100 that fits into the roof upholstery just after the first set of rear AC.

Could not find the part # at our local Toyota dealer ?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Pic attached.



Does your truck have rear AC and, if so, do you see the electrical connection behind inside the hole? I assume it's a thermostat for the rear air.

That’s not the part number but rather a mold ID or something else. The part is likely the Room Temperature Sensor, or “THERMISTOR, COOLER” p/n 88625-60100, plus a color code like “-A0” (ivory) or “-B0” (grey).

View attachment 1987955

All that i need is the plastic cover.
Tried the part # but it did not come up on e bay and other searches.

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