Inner Axle seal choice

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Jun 11, 2011
Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

I'm hesitating between:

Trail-safe inner axle seal from Tral-Gear
Marlin Crawler HD inner axle seal

Anybody has seen both and can compare them please? Just want to know if I should buy them extra...

I would love to get them, but there are the Trail-safe inner axle seal already included in the deal, and I just want to know if it's worth it to buy the Marlin Crawler HD for extra?
Front Axle seals and Knuckle parts / research / vendors / pricing!

I have gone back and forth on this issue for months and in fact just ordered all the front axle rebuild parts from several vendors, I wound up with the same question -Trail Gear or Marlin Crawler seals ?, finally went with the Marlin inner seals even though the TG seals look decent the Marlins seem to have a bigger following and a proven track record.

I know I am getting carried away with this reply, but thats what happens once you start tearing something on your truck apart...

here is what I wound up with ( I think)

1. Front knuckle major service kit with quality Japanese wheel bearings and HD inner axle seals from MC.
2. Front knuckle "rock ring" kit ( knuckle ball wiper kit) from Trail Gear
3. Front brake backing eliminator kit from MC - ( no brake lines or hardware)
4. Front brass axle spindle bushings ( original Toyota ) from Marlin crawler - pricey I know! sells the Trail Gear products less than Trail Gear (right now they are having a discount on the rock ring kits )- But I went with TG and Marlin on those because at the time I was ordering everything I was not in the mood to deal with the Cruiserparts lame website. I know, patience is a virtue that at times I dont posses.

Overall Marlin seemed like the best choice and I will know tomorrow when the parts arrive, I spent so much time with this I hope it pays off and the parts are of High quality - the MC people seem great though and I am confident that what they sell is excellent quality.

Front Axle Service Kit | Marlin Crawler, Inc.

There are multiple vendors that sell different versions of all these parts or part kits BUT THE ULTIMATE axle / knuckle kit may be from Man-A-Fre - it seems to have absolutely everything - including hub studs, high quality wheel bearings, brass bushings and wheel studs at an awesome price - $279.00. But I questioned the quality of the seals etc. ( maybe just buy the MAF kit and then the MC seals?)

Knuckle Major Rebuild Kit

The MAF parts would have been good enough and you cant beat the one stop shopping, after looking at my CC statement this month if I ever need to do this again I will go with the less expensive parts for sure!!

I wound up spending more than 2x that with Marlin for less parts ( no hub studs and no wheel studs, separate spindle bushings )

Now the next question is where to source front rotors and brake lines and possibly TLC calipers - again Man-A-Fre has a complete kit with high quality parts - DBA rotors etc. ( their ultimate Kit has the TLC calipers and weighs in at nearly 1000.00$!)

I have been down the knuckle rebuild road before and on a past 60 wound up with a somewhat incomplete kit of dubious quality I dont remember the brand but it was labeled from an Aussie company with a dessert scene on the box, but again maybe this time I have gone too far and overstepped the budget!

Typical, 75$ worth of needed parts turns into a 2,000$ ++ axle / brake overhaul ....I need to mention that this all started when I replaced my front tie rod ends and relay rod ends ( Fuji Joint kit from - excellent quality - 135$ ) so for the lack of 75$ worth of seals I will wind up with 2,000.00 of new front end parts when its all said and done! Only with a Land Cruiser.
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I used Marlin when i rebuild my knuckles.
Go Marlin; Viper and Norcalborn introduced me to him back in April. :D
Marlin seals. These just kick butt. Mine do not leak even the smallest amount and the vehicle is used as a daily driver and goes off the pavement frequently. You might also consider getting the kit from Cruiser Outfitters, Kurt will steer you right (pun intended).

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