Inner axle oil seal # ?

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Apr 25, 2002
Bella Vista, AR
I need the part number for the inner axle seal on a 1973 FJ40. It's the one that keeps the grease and gear lube separate. I want to get one from Napa, O'Reilly's or similar over going to Toyota. Does anyone happen to have the number handy? Thanks!
I can't answer your question as I don't have my repair manual with me. I will say that the OEM seal is better quality than the one in the various knuckle rebuild kits out there. I would be very surprised if NAPA carries the axle seal. IMO you're better off getting the best quality you can as you don't want to have to go back into the knuckle very often.
The seal # is in the Cruiser Facts section, however I tried to cross it yesterday at AutoZone with no luck, so I suspect I'll end up getting at Toyota directly.
Cool! Thanks guys :beer:
FYI, I crossed the part number at Napa online and it looks like they can order it for you. Go to and enter 710070 on the Non-Napa part look up at the left...
Got one in my hand. Napa label manufactured by Chicago Rawhide (CR). My local NAPA keeps them in stock.

12810  CR 33x44x8 HMSAI R. the 12810 is what you need to know to get the replacement. AFAIK this is the same seal from 68 (birf) till 90, ending with the 62's.

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