Injector Cleaners (and all the other gimmicks)

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Apr 3, 2007
I just got a '97 Cruiser and was wondering about the condition of the fuel injectors and what the best way to "clean" them is? Are all those things at Wal-Mart just gimmicks or is there one that actually does what it says?
I used the Redline in mine and was happy with what it did. I also pulled the throttle body off and cleaned it thoroughly. I ran it a few miles and then changed the oil. It needed it anyway.
1. Get new injectors.
2. Take them off and get them professionally cleaned--new o-rings, etc. A few on the board have done this and a few are going to soon. ;)
3. Do what others above have said.
4. Do what you want or have the money to do.
5. Do nothing.
FOrget most of the stuff that you see in the Big Box or auto parts stores.

I wanted to clean my injectors when I had my manifold off. I called many different places. Of the ones that would do it and not take it to the dealer for me, and the dealers I called, BG 44K was the only thing recommended. I thought that it would be better ro have the injectors removed to clean them properly. The dealer said that most other cleaners would damage the BOSCH injectors with their cleaner (you call if they were telling the truth.

I tried a can, it was GREAT! you could feel the difference in the first 100 miles.

I now use it every 25,000 miles.

A can will run you ~ 20 bucks at an auto parts store.

I second the part of cleaning the throttle body. Just be sure to use throttle body cleaner and not carb cleaner.

Good luck.
Redline SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner...
Toyota make a great EFI cleaner, comes with a warning not to leave it in tank too long or it will eat your fuel lines.

I also use 44K.
Seafoam through the PCV valve does a great job cleaning carbon in the motor.
If your Toyota Dealer thinks you have Bosch fuel injectors in your engine, you need a new Toyota Dealer.


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