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May 4, 2008
Great truck! I've had it only a weekend, but it feels like a winner. I was into four wheeling via a Land Rover Discovery in the mid-90's and a member of the Chicago Land Rover Club and Wisconsin Four Wheel Drive Assoc. But I traded in the Disco for an Expedition for various reasons and most of my wheeling came to an end. My most recent vehicle was a Porsche Cayenne - but I never took it off pavement! Missing wheeling, I traded that in for my FJ. No chance to get it dirty yet, but I like the feel of it. The controls are logical, there is decent power, and I love the Toyota quality, which so far is perfect - no issues, just nice fit and finish. Mine came with running boards, I want to replace those with rock rails, add a bumper and winch, but that's about it for now. I've got to look for an opp to try out that locking differential!
welcome aboard, post some pics of your new FJ! :cheers:
welcome Dave! GREAT state you live in ;) (we've likely wheeled together as some point!)

check the WI corner in the Clubhouse for some locals to run with!
welcome to mud!! get ready for a little withdrawal from the speed though....don't know if you drove the porche like it was built for, but if you did its gonna suck that you can't do a buck 50 down the highway anymore!! it took me a couple of months to shake the shakes of getting rid of my modded vette. in the end though, offroading gives as much if not more of an adrenaline rush! it takes a lot longer to get to a 100, but it will do it....and I have the ticket to prove it!! my valentine crapped out on me:bang:
mod bug

i love the bug you have!! get on and find the right sliders though, i was STUPID and got the ones with the steps. There is a nice pic of my truck on the Toy Trail Teams Katemcy trip, notice the front passanger rail bent up. Thank goodness it didn't jam the door considering the bar was holding almost the entire weight of the truck, but one bad spotter could cost you a whole lot of money!! I'm in a small part of the video, and I think they gave time to the guy in the Black Cherry going down the waterfall for a reason. Same spotter was spotting him and he jammed his front end so hard it bent hood and side panels at the wheels. Thats when they brought a trail team guide in to replace the guy.
Thanks for Welcome - Don't Miss the Porsche!

Thanks for the warm welcome and I do intend to hook up with some area wheelers. Honestly, the Porsche was the wrong car for me - too fancy and too touchy although it was superb on the highway. But i took about 30 seconds of test driving the FJ to know it was right.

I like mine so much I talked my friend in getting one. Finally, after two years She got one!:bounce::bounce::bounce:
Welcome to the sickness ...

Say goodbye to your money and your free time. ;)

Welcome to MUD ... :flipoff2: (Official Welcome)

I recommend the BudBuilt rock sliders. They work perfectly as a step and they are beefy as hell. I got the first set he made and I love em!!! They aren't listed on his website, but he makes them. They look like the AllPro sliders with the rear kick out. He also makes a version without the rear flare. Great price, great quality, great service, great guy.
I agree.... I added some of the heavy duty non slip 3M tape for traction.....the only problem is if I forget and jump out with shorts on and dont quite clear the sliders...i get a good little scrape on my is a self correcting problem as I dont want that to happen too smarts a little. LOL

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