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Dec 25, 2016
paragould ar
Okay I was going to go with the VA conversion on the landlord building now 76 they take 40 okay that's going to be too expensive for me if I have to buy all the conversions so I had a good 2f motor with bearings it is stamped MO 20 RO 30 ON THE CRANK. SO I CALLED MAN A FREE TODAY TO ORDER A FREEGROUND CRANK WITH THE BEARINGS TO FIT HE TOLD ME HE WAS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS and he did not have anyone to suggest for me that would do it right. So that being said I'm at a crossroads I need some advice on crankshaft bearings do I have to buy a new rods with a new crank cuz they're already turned different or what. I live in Paragould Arkansas and I'm the only enjoy Land cruiser in the whole county anybody has any advice please let me know or V8 adapter kit cheap or a cheaper way to do it I know none is going to be cheap but I'm in cheapest way to go about it thanks in advance

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