Indiglo meter cluster

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Aug 21, 2003
I've never started a thread here, so I hope I'm not going to mess it up ???

I have found at least one 80 owner in Japan(on the Net) that has made an Indiglo(is this what it's called?) instrumental panel. I'll try attaching the pics below(36k).

Have any of you tried making anything like this before? I don't think there are any kits available for the 80, but thought I'd ask.

I know that the 80's instrumental panel is perfectly adequate for what it does, but I'm a sucker for anything that is cool :D

I guess it was a very time-consuming process since he had to do it from the scratch, including getting something called EL panels or something like that.

Anyway, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I have another pic which was apparently taken at night which looks pretty cool. But the file is too big.

I'll try to make it smaller later.

find a kit for that and I will sign up :eek:

too cool!

(I am a sucker for geek factor)
Maybe I'll have to look into making a kit myself. Only if I were more technically/mechanically inclined :'(

It might be a good way to occupy my free time :p
:flipoff2: *emerging from my gruff , all too masculine poser facade* :flipoff2:

Ahem .. yeah , I guess they're ok :p

We're being watched here , so I gotta keep my enthusiasm curbed . :D

Mot , do the research on how to build it on ones' own , and post it later . I'd love to get into that as a winter project . :banana: :banana:

Cheers ,

Yo, Tyler,

What color curtains with that gauge set-up, grey leather and green pearl exterior? ::)

I'm partial to woodland cammo but I'm on the fence here...... :flipoff2:
BTW , can you post a pic of one off of an 80 . *Thinking* Or is that pic a diesel 80 ? Because gas 80's red line a little higher than indicated in that tach .

Thanx ,


All kidding aside, that pic is indeed a diesel powered RHD 91-94 80 series dash.
Dannyboy ,

I think you should break out the box completely . Approach it as you would any paradigm shift ... but interlace that with your basic rapid dominance operational modality . IOW , go with your favourite camo , but liven it up with the pearl finish . And if you must satisfy your curtain fetish , go with a whispy greyish-green sheer . 8) :D :flipoff2: :flipoff2: :flipoff2:


Perfect, thanks a lot. ;) . Should I use upper and lower rods to reduce high speed "fluttering"? :flipoff2:
God NO !! Dan , dan , dannn you don't want to tame the sheers . Rather , enjoy they're inherent gayness ... sheeesh , talk about fashionably unconscious ! :p :flipoff2: :flipoff2:
Here are some drapes that would go perfect with that.

C-Dan and Tyler are sounding like candidates for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Who's Who is undetermined.
Actually, I'm kinda scared for the owner of the pictured 80. Not only did he take the picture without removing his car cover, but it actually looks like the cover is quilted on the inside to keep his rig all snuggly and cozy! Guess regular canvas or Sunbrella just wouldn't cut it....

And you guys with your swishy curtain discussions. A real man doesn't really care WHAT people can see through his windows - exhibitionism rules!

Ehhhhh, I'm glad I said that the pic was of someone else's rig and not mine :D

This is what I know so far, which is not very much:

The guy paid little over $100 in materials and butt-load of time invested. He has changed the color of the needles to red by putting red film on them. To lessen the brightness from the panel, 50% shade/tint film was applied. He's made it so he can still adjust brightness.

You can get the sheets(colors) in red, white, blue and green from an online store(at least here in Japan). Is this something you can get from your local Radio Shack? And yes, this one is off of a HDJ81.

Here is the link that was given to the members of by the guy who made the panel:

This is the site he studied how to make the Indiglo panel off of(called the EL panel in Japan, I guess). It is actually of Galant Legnum's instrumental panel, not an 80 :'(

But it is VERY detailed and informative. Even if you can't understand Japanese, you'll get the jist of it. You may even get a kick out of it if you used one of the online translation sites.

He claims that it took him about 50 hours of his time from start to finish(He was no expert, either). His 8 page report/instruction goes through 2 different versions of the meters he made.

Rather than being encouraged, I came out somewhat depressed after going through the site since I'm mechanically handicapped and it looks like a :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: for me :'(

Personally, I'd love to get my hands on something like this. If no one else on the list makes a kit for it, I may have to consider taking a stab at it myself.

Well, how about it, gang?

Let me know if any of you have any questions after checking out the site/using the translation service concerning any specific part of it.

Mot ,

I seem to remember a Japanese member on another LC board . I've emailed him in the past ; nice guy . Perhaps with a little bribery this professional translator could make things a little clearer for us . I'll look at those pages on my days off and get backatcha .

Beo , buddy ... hope you don't keep your gaydar lying in your lap when you aren't using it , cause you know what happened to all those uniformed men in blue , right ?


PS : Actually there are 16 types of people . Hexy , and butt fugly ! 8)
Yeah, I know I still haven't found a 'cruiser yet but I can still contribute a little right? :'(

Anyhow, heres a link to install instructions and pictures on how to do it on a 2Runner. While they don't apply verbatim this is the ideal way to get it done. I think you have to have a preorder of at least 10 sets before they will put your gauge set into manufacturing.

I'll attach the finished picture as well.

The 'cruiser search continues,

That'll be cool for those who can't understand Japanese very well to have some assistance with a professional translator since I am not very good at it :D

I'd like you to tell me whether those parts described in the instruction are easily obtainable in the U.S. and how reasonable they are in term of price.

As I said before, let me know if I can help.


I'm on the same boat as you since I still don't have a Cruiser.

The pics look pretty cool. The night pic I have of the panel looks a little different. I'd like to post it as well, but I have been struggling to resize it since I am not good at computers :-[

If I can send the pic to someone and have him/her(politically correct) resize it and post it, that would be great. Any takers?

I guess the guy said that the most time-consuming part of the job for the Legnum guy was to get the panel design into the computer since he did not want to take the needle off in fear of breaking it. So it would be much easier if we can have a spare instrumental panel from a junkyard or something. He said that he spent about 25 hours getting it ready.


hmmm...I like the daytime....nighttime is a bit too "bling" as the kids call it.

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