Incase anyone is looking to bid on this...

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Feb 11, 2004
Big D

I test drove this truck over a month ago and although at the time the price was good it drove like crap. Shimmy's bad at high speeds (35+), when you brake the steering wheel shimmy'ed as well, completely missing rear carpet and the PO drilled a hi-jack lift bracket into the back of the rear bench seat. Some dings and missing the front marker lenses. The truck was orignally at a local dealership in ft. worth and when i talked to them they didn't know anything about the truck. It was a trade in and i got to see all the paperwork the PO had on it and i didn't see a engine rebuild. An auto place in dallas bought the truck (the people selling on ebay) and they say its been rebuilt and i don't buy that.

I just want to give ya'll a heads up.

Never know

Thanks for the heads up....looking at the pics and reading the description you would think that its a nice vehicle.
Are you suggesting that a used car dealer might not be honest?
This vehicle is sporting a set of brand new appearing tires.
The clean exterior on this vehicle is a car wash dream
The transmission shifts like a dream

These descriptions crack me up, seems like a good truck when your sleeping:D
So i emailed a question to the seller and asked him if he had any documentation on the rebuild and this was his response:

"We do not. Nevertheless, the looks of the engine, the way it runs... all seem to indicate that it has been rebuilt."

Well in that case i have a 1990 FJ62 with a rebuilt engine too :)
kinda strange indeed, My 2f has 280k+ did a comp check and it is dead even at 150# on all 6 holes, guess that was rebuilt too.....

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