In Steamboat for 2 weeks - need trail recomendations

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Sep 30, 2007
Stock rig, and I have my family with me - nothing too dangerous, something with a good destination and reasonably fun.

Anyone have any ideas and directions to trail head?

Thanks - Z
Just head up to Rabbit Ears Pass. There are a ton of side roads that go all over the forest. Should not get into any trouble.

You will have a great time in Steamboat. It's my place to sneak off to when I need a break...
I ended up going up hahns peak, a bit rougher than the wife was comfortable with but even on stock tire/suspension - I did unfortunately puncture a tire but frankly that was to be expected on the stock michilins - and I am not even sure it happened on the trail considering it was a screw driver bit that got stuck in the tire...

some of the trails were a little narrow for the LC and only once was the LC challenged for traction, as a result of a wrong turn I ended up on a motor cycle path and had to turn around, that's when the wife got skerred...


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