In search of hard top/doors for '74 FJ40

Oct 28, 2005
I've got a '74 that I need a hard top and doors for. Truthfully, I've owned it for over a year but have been forced to store it for almost the entire time and don't really know as much about it as I wish. I've noticed that some guys have written that they can't get a hard top since they have a "soft top model".. does that mean that since mine has a soft top that a hard top will not work on it? If not, then what years hard tops will work for me? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Also, anyone with a hard top for sale for me, I'd be especially interested if it were reasonably close to Missoula, MT (where my FJ is stored) or Omaha, NE (where I live). Again, thanks in advance for any help... I hate being the new know-nothing moron amongst a bunch of die hard Cruiser lovers, but I'm hopin to bust mine out of storage in the next couple months and start enjoying it/learning about it.


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Jan 30, 2003
windy wyoming
you can easily run a hardtop on a softtopped 74...i have doors in denver, but no more tops. you should be able to find one pretty easily though.

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