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Aug 24, 2013
Hello all. I travel a lot for work and try to bring my 80 with me so I can work on it after work and on weekends so I don’t go stir crazy in the hotel.
I’ll be in Lexington for a couple of months and would like to get my exhaust re-routed over the frame and cat changed. Looking for shop recommendations who may have done this before and understand the goal.

Also, just to throw it out if anyone needs help on a project or is willing to let a fellow mudder work in their driveway for a 12 pack, I would be game. Hotels frown on working in the parking lot too much. I bring my own tools except the big stuff (floor jacks etc). I will also add that I was a licensed plumber and can help with those types of projects as well.

Thanks all
Sep 23, 2015
This page doesn't see a whole lot of use. If you are on facebook check out Bluegrass Landcruisers. Log into Facebook | Facebook If you ever want to road-trip down to Louisville (aprox. 75 min drive) we can see about getting some cruiser heads together for a little meet and greet. Feel free to drop me a line.
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