In Haiti... help me identify height of lift on my LC 80 Series. (1 Viewer)

Mar 25, 2010
I purchased a 94 Toyota LC 80 Series a month ago from a friend here in Haiti who was pretty clueless about the previous upgrades that had been done to it. There aren't any off-road shops here in Haiti... so I need some help.

The truck has an aftermarket lift, and I want identify the manufacturer and the height of the lift. I've looked over all the parts so far but haven't been able to find any distinguishing marks/names/model numbers. Can someone help me figure out where to look?

Also, when truck is empty and sitting level here are some measurements that may help identify the height of the lift:

Distance from bottom edge of fender to center of axle:
Front Right 24"
Front Left 24"
Rear Right 23"
Rear Left 23 3/4"

Spring heights measured from top edge to bottom edge of coil spring:
Front Spring height 16"
Rear Spring height 15"

That's all I have to start with... check out 'my garage' for photos and other specs.


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