For Sale IN: FJ40 Nation air conditioning A/C from Dubai spec car

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Dec 30, 2011
United States
For sale in Indianapolis, I have an OEM European-spec National A/C unit for the FJ40. I know I posted this previously but sorted everything out and got good pics. The A/C unit was not tested before removing because the engine was not running. I had to do engine work, so it got pulled and never reinstalled. I have no interest in it since I have no doors nor roof. It is a bit rough in some places, but is a very cool old piece and really interesting addition to an FJ40. It's from a 1978 Euro spec FJ40 from DUBAI!!

The asking price is 500 and I'll ask you to help with shipping. I'll do the compressor in a flat-rate box for free since it's little but DENSE.

Let me know if you have questions or want to make an offer!

My buddy had an OEM compressor that he let me take off his hands at a decent price (I bought it so I'd have a more complete unit)

Here are some of the pics I took!

The control unit + it's plug:

The wiring harness + different angles showing the connectors:

The vents and the under dash unit:

This is me connecting all the harnesses etc trying to show you the different connectors etc.:

Complete sale + dash bracket and belt.

This is what you get.

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