impromptu meet and greet Sunday at Brocks (1 Viewer)

Feb 19, 2008
Suppose to be meeting Tristan on Sunday around 3pm at my house if any other the other new guys want to come over...or hell we can meet somewhere down the road like Michaels bbq joint though I dont think it is open on Sunday.

If you want to swing by and meet Tristan and talk a little bit...PM me and will give you directions. I am in Hunt Club off Beesferry Road....second house on right past the swimming pool....yellow home with FJ out front. Be here around 3pm...

I got some stickers....and a DVD for the FJC can try and drum up some more FJC guys to go to the FJ SUMMIT in Ouray CO with me and PROINV this summer. He will be posting our plans soon....

If enough guys are coming I will get some bring the beer. I got to plant a couple plants and do some stuff on our club website but can hang for a couple hours and talk Cruiser stuff if you guys want.

If not, then hope to see you all next weekend in Sumter at DOCs place for our SPRING HAMOM...

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