Importing to Canada: Registration in BC vs Quebec (1 Viewer)

Apr 8, 2018
Montreal, QC Canada
Wondering if we've got any Quebecoi mudders here? I'm currently based out of NZ and picked up a cruiser that I'll be bringing back with me to Canada. I lived in BC for 6 years so have done my research on importing and registering a RHD car into BC. There's a chance I'll end up in Montreal, but seems like Quebec govt isn't too keen on 1)RHD vehicles unless its 25 years or older(opposed to 15yrs for the rest of Canada) and 2)highly modified 4x4's.

1 is kinda moot point as the cruiser meets the 25 year requirement. So 2 is the bigger issue. I see Transport Quebec has prohibited lifts of more than 2.5" and tires that are more than 3" larger in diameter than stock and/or 35" max tire size. I'm on 315's so 34.5" and stock size comes out to 31.2" diameter. Can MAYBE get away with that but I really don't want to drop down in lift as there's too much invested in getting the car right at the current height.

Can anyone from Quebec bring any insight? Much appreciated!

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