Importing from Canada.

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May 6, 2011
I am sure there are posting on these topics before,but I am not able to find them. Sorry to repeat on previously posted subjects.

Looking for ideas/thoughts on importing a 1979 diesel Landcruiser from southern BC to Alaska.
-boarding crossing issues?
- good shipping companies?
-forms & docs needed?

I am new at this. Any insights would be helpful. Thanks :)
I have shipped a 1977 year vehicle. As long as its over 25 years, it's easy as pie. I would find an import/customs broker to take care of the paperwork, I paid somebody $100 and they did all the paperwork for me, because I'm lazy like that. If you get a shipping company to ship it from CA to US, they may have those types on hand to help out.

Additionally, depending on what province it comes from, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork it takes to sell the vehicle in Canada, your DMV may want to see all that paperwork completed. Mine came from BC, not only did they want the registration/title, but my DMV also wanted the local Transfer/Tax Form/Statement of Vehicle Origin form. Found that out after the fact and it delayed my registering it until the PO could get me the completed paperwork:meh:

Also, once its in your state, the local law/dmv may want to do a record check or inspection to make sure its legit, legal, not stolen, etc. etc, etc.
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