Importing Canadian 70 series

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Oct 28, 2002
North Adams, Massachusetts
Hey Folks. I'm looking at a 70 series Cruiser up in Canada, I've heard of a few of these making it into the states - can anyone confirm the legality of importing one? I will probably try to contact Toyota USA about the matter on Monday... but who knows where that will lead. The NHSTA page lists some Canadian Cruisers as being ok for import, but only by year, not model. Thanks for any help!

if your looking for a BJ70 there is one for sale in Alabama thats already in the US and registered

But if you want to bring a dsl in from Canada.....forget about Toyota helping.....they wont(or havn't in the past) but its still worth a shot...might catch someone on a good day

If it's one of those ultra cool(and ultra clean and loaded with goodies) Japanese right hand drive 73/4 or HJ61's that are coming into Canada....forget about doing it legaly ;)

John H

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