Importing an m101 or m416 to BC?

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Oct 13, 2012
Fernie, BC
Hi Guys.

Anybody have experience importing a military trailer from the states to BC?

With 4 kids plus friends the 80 is often full when we go camping. I was looking at a roof rack but am thinking a 1/4 ton military trailer would be better/safer. Still on the fence trying to cost it out. Problem is there seam to be no reasonably priced trailers in western Canada (anyone driving from QC). Idaho and Washington states look promising.

Based in Fernie so camping mostly in the Kotenay backcountry.

It *shouldn't* be a big deal. It will be waaay easier if you have the registration for it. I bought one from auction in Alberta and even though I had the bill of sale, ICBC really wanted to see the previous registration. When I explained there was non (military) they told me I had to take a statutory declaration form to a Notary and get it signed (saying that I swore I acquired the trailed legally and it was mine)

Having said that, I'm not sure if Customs has any strange regulations/requirements/taxes around trailers.
Call border services, they will advise you. My truck came from Seattle. The process was very straight forward.

As a side note, I registered my m101 as a u-built.
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When I was down working in Oregon a few years back I bought my 73 Chevy P/U down there. I can't remember exacty what the cut off date is but if a vehicle is older than a certain date they basically dont care. For my truck I just had to send the bill of sale and the reg to the border 3 days before I crossed. They review it, then when I went across some dude just came out looked at it a bit asked if everything worked and if I had any wepons. I said yes and no and was on my way. I've heard it's even easier for a trailer..

Here is a good website -

And another -

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