Imported vehicle insurance

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Sep 2, 2007
Longmont, CO
esurance is having a stroke over my imported bj42 because its an 82 but doesn't have a 17 digit VIN (its from NZ).

has anyone had a problem before? i might have to switch insurers, which is fine, but will I run into this elsewhere?

(i swear bureaucracy is fighting me every step of the way on this thing...)
more of a jdm alliance question.

What province or state?
You'll have to switch insurance carriers. Even many old US market vehicles had less than 17 digits.
Only till 81; mine is an 82, thus the fight.
Esurance won't insure your vehicle, you'll have to switch. I checked with them before I purchased because I used to have them on previous vehicles. They consider it "Gray Market" and won't touch it.

21st Century insurance didn't bat an eye at my truck, pretty happy with them, but I have not had to file a claim or anything (runs to knock on something wooden) so my experience is limited.

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