Imported 4 Diesel Landcruisers to CA---NZ

Sep 30, 2005
Just picked up the my diesel cruisers that I imported up from New Zealand.
Real hassle on this end to get a Customs broker worth his salt, but persisted and finally picked up the BJ42, and a Nissan Diesel repowered FJ40, as well as the cab and hard top from a FJ45, and another complete chassis, cab, motor from a FJ40 Nissan diesel repower that was dismantled to fit in the 40ft container

Some time this week I need to go back and pick up my BJ40 that still in Bonded storage, each trip is 100 miles each way.

This will get my dismantled 76 FJ40 rebuilt using the nissan 6 and the parts left over will be sold to cover all the cost in importing the trucks.
Feb 1, 2002
No. Ogden, Utah
Welcome to MUD.

This thread is worthless without pics. :flipoff2:


I want to import a 70 series if I ever do. Dreams right?

Oh, and for Poser's sake, CHAT!!!!!! :mad:

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