Importation: RHD ban in Quebec

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" Are granted access to public roads:

vehicles registered in Québec before 29 April 2009, ie with a plate allowing traffic on public roads or those already registered in the system (or plate Sutil V);
vehicles registered outside of Quebec;
vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1971;
trucks, snow blowers and vehicles transporting equipment as defined in Regulation on the registration of road vehicles;
vehicles known to make repeated stops along a path through a work for a public service;
vehicles tools;
road vehicles belonging to a driving school or an institution which is licensed to teach driving of heavy trucks, issued under Article 10 of the Act respecting private education.


Traders will be informed by letter that as of 29 April 2009, they can not issue a temporary certificate or affix a removable plate on a vehicle with a driving position to the right unless it is registered to the system before April 29 2009. "

this is gettin too close to home! what RHD vehicle would we want that was manufactured before jan.71 (besides fj 40s?!) ?
1971, that is a 38 year old vehicle... WTF?

i am telling you that wench is a nut case.

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