Impco Propane

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Oct 20, 2006
Atkins, Iowa
United States
After figuring out that I drive too many highway miles.

I realize that propane is not for me. I am by no means a hardcore wheeler.

So I am selling all of the remaining propane stuff that I aquired this hard winter.

I have a new, unused set 425, E vaporizer, and 30VFF Vac locoff
I need $400 for the new set.

I also have a used set of all of the above. $200 will buy used.

For $200 I have a new 43# forktruck cylinder with a two clamp bracket.

15ft LPG Hose with crimped fittings is $30.

I have a 300A duel fuel mixer for $60.

1 New rebuild kit for the 425 for $70

Lots of gaskets, and other rebuild kits.

Offers excepted, All plus ship Eastern Iowa
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I don't think so, the 425 sits in place of your carb. It bolts to a 600 cfm holley baseplate and then to your intake.

The 300a is mounted in a aircleaner and sits above your carb. I don't think this will work with EFI if that is what you are asking.
Impco Propane setup for sale

propane setup sold, trying to delete these posts. thanks!
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