I'm sure someone has done this: locker actuator wire broken.

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Aug 2, 2006
Santa Rosa, Californ
Haven't posted in a while, but I was trying to put on my locker guard when this wire came loose with not too much pressure. Anyone have any ideas how to fix? -Adam
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Pull connector, unpin, repin, plug connector back in.

You'll need to find a pin though either new or rob the same pin from another connector and splice the wire. Try pick n pull or something, toyota will use that pin somewhere else, not just elocker connector.
I find that the metal strips out of wiper blades cut down to a 5" piece or so and sharpened to like a knife edge on one end work well if you don't have a tool or a pick or screw driver small enough to depin some connectors.

If you can find new pins from somewhere I usually like to step up to a heavier gauge wire and then splice into the factory wiring a few inches back. You could always unpin and take the terminal down to Toyota and ask, maybe? I'm not sure who would carry those terminals though for sure. That's why I suggested you go to pick n pull and find some toyotas of that age and start depinning connectors until you find that matching terminals and then just cut the wire. Good idea to pull an assortment of fuses and relays and any matching interior switches you might find too. If it fits in your pocket, well...
I've had luck reusing the pin but it takes a lot of patience and time compared to having a new one.
If you take that connector to your Toyota dealer, they can match it to a factory replacement along with new pins to install on the end of those wires.
There is a five digit code on the connector itself. Take to Toyota dealer. Can have it in a day or two if they don't have it in stock.

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