I'm off on a massive US roadtrip! 5200 miles/7 days.

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Aug 8, 2003
I've made a few references to a roadtrip to pick up a vehicle in Georgia soon and we're about 30 hours from departure. So, thought I'd give a few more details.

My 12yo daughter is going to be my copilot for a 5200 mile roundtrip to Valdosta, GA. We're picking up a manual transmission 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro with the 80 and towing it home on a trailer to make an offroad camping rig out of it. So a Youtube search for "vanagon syncro" to see what these amazing things can do offroad - hilarious. I'm going to try to pull it off in 7 days, and we're going to sleep in the 80 except for a night to get cleaned up before our arrival in GA. Pulling the 2nd/3rd row seats out, putting in an air mattress and have reflective insulation for the windows for privacy and to reduce the heat load if I need a mid day map. Grabbed a 12v fan out of the boat, and got some new music for the iPod. Planning some history stops along the way and to do some simple food cooking (heat up sandwiches, etc) on the engine just for fun.

The Cruiser's ready - fluids all changed and topped up. The trailer's getting 2 new tires on the braking axle and adding a spare, plus some welded reinforcements, fresh paint and new LED taillights for added safety.

So, if you see us out there we'll be a green 80 with Idaho plates towing a large green utility trailer. If eastbound, we'll have a Vanagon aboard, obviously. Planning to take the 90/94 to ND, then south to Atlanta.

A few pics posted along the way would be cool.

My folks used to have a VW Vanagon Syncro back is SA, until the damn kaffir's stole it, and it was one awesome vehicle. Could do anything and go anywhere...and we did. Those were the days.

if I could choose (afford) another vehicle it would be a syncro Doka with the TDI- all the hop-ups, plus an Alaska camper type insert.

good luck, and post pics or a link to same somewhere appropriate, (chat? other vehicles?)
If you are cruising the St. Louis east bound on I-70 give me a shout!! Have a fun trip!!
Sounds like fun! And sounds like you are prepared...
Make sure that syncro is loaded well on the trailer! Towing heavy loads can be spooky...
Good luck and hope to see some pics!
Safe and fun travels to you, Doug. Valdosta is about 30 miles from my family's 600 acre farm down in southern Georgia. I hope your daughter will get to see Georgia's giant peach as you enter the state (I believe its on hwy 85, not sure... been over a decade since I've been down there).

But definitely get a couple peaches while in Georgia--It's the peach state which most folks out here in the west don't know. Lot's of good people down there in the south. Also, try some of the local sweet tea. It's like nothing up here. Most ppl who aren't southerners won't like the sweet tea, but it's worth tasting it to say you have... it's something many southerners are proud of (me being one of them).

There's tons of great cities and different terrain for yall to see on your trip! Enjoy!

Oh, and they have alligators down there!
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Have fun! Good thing you're technically minded. You'll need to be with that damn thing! :)
There are a few of us in Georgia, so if you need anything just let us know. I myself am in Marietta (just north of Atlanta) so if you need anything just shoot me a PM.
If eastbound, we'll have a Vanagon aboard, obviously. .DougM

oh boy, this statement has me worried about your sense of direction already; at least you got a co-pilot ;p

A few pics posted along the way would be cool..

good luck on that one; i predict a novelette instead :D

Safe travels Doug and Daughter. The vanagon is another one of those cruiser-like cult communities. We lost a cruiser member to the VDubs and hes now got a small fleet of variuos makes of vanagons.
Have a safe trip and stop and rest if you are tired! You will love your Syncro. I had one many years ago.:cheers:
Safe travels Doug!

What route will you be taking once through North Dakota?
I am jealous..... Love the road trips.
Have a safe trip Doug!
Safe travels! And while your trying some sweet tea, have some grits! Load em' up with salt and butter, :D Delicious!!!
have fun Doug, that's one thing I miss about the mainland, just being able to drive for days.

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