i'm looking for drivetrain suggestions. 85 pickup (1 Viewer)

Feb 9, 2002
alright, i bought this truck to make a trail rig out of. the plan is to build it up over the next couple of years to be capable, reliable, and good in the mud (i don't do rocks).
i'm planning on going 4.3chevy (probably carbed to save money and headaches), and tires in the 33-35 range.
i was thinking about going 4.3 to stock drivetrain. after looking at the adapters and mounts available out there, i've started to think i should go ahead and use a whole chevy drivetrain to avoid the hassle of making parts work together.

anyway, just looking for opinions really, from those who have done anything along this line.
thanks guys.
Oct 14, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA
Haven't done it, but the chevy adapter is only like 175-200 bucks IIRC, If you swap out the whole drivetrain you will need to fab crossovers and tranny mounts, modify the chevy axles, and build custom Driveshafts. The 4.3 with stock D/T should be a good combo for you. Plenty of power for mud, but not enough to snap shafts and axles. If its just a trail rig you might change your gears out also, 4.88s should be about right for 33s, maybe more for the 35s if you get into some sticky stuff. Anyway, good luckand I hope my .02 helps.
May 22, 2003
Just seen the pics, now looking through the rest.

nwor ever run or seen their swap radiators?

NONE of the above, keeping the stock trans run stock motor,
I seen it is a carb, but swap in 22re.

not worth your time changing trans after you blow them up.
especially the G with that carb motor. forward shift transfer
as well.

If you go v6 or v8 go GM trans as well, auto is eaiser on drivetrain.

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