Im doing a auto swap sb350-th350-np205

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Mar 17, 2008
Rockford IL
I hope Im not Hijakin here but its the same subject.. Im doing a auto swap sb350-th350-np205 and had to cut floor pan , rebuild tranny hump and fab all new cross member and tranny mount... GREAT TIMES... its gunna be fun when im done

my question now is how far back do i need to push the axle back in order to give me appropriate drive shaft leingth?? I was going to do the spring flip for the added 4" ... is this enouph???

from my measurements the combo im now using will bring the rear output shaft back 6"... by moving the axle back 4" should only give me an over all change of a 2" shorter rear drive shaft.. :hmm: am i correct ? will this work?
Automatic in a FJ40

It certainly can be done.
Advanced Adapter makes something to adapt just about any transmission to anything.
Specifically if you are going the SBC route you will want a TH350 TH400 or TH700r.
The TH400 is probably the longest.
If you are using an older 40 with a 3 speed you will probably need to cut the rear tube crossmember out and turn it about 20 or 30 degrees rearward and re-weld it back again to gain clearance for the park brake.
I did one many years ago when AA was a very small outfit in, Downey I think, in LA.
The adapter was #AA7 and was way longer than anything you can get now.I used a TH400 and SBC. THe motor was a 1968 or 69 350 with I think the long water pump. The fan was about 1/2'' from the rad. I can't remember how long the drive shaft was exactly but i'm thinking the tube part was maybe 8".
It worked great, ran a little hot with the stock rad, but didn't over heat if you where careful.
Used to drag race it, and with the full hard top, ran 15.6 sec in quarter with 11x 15 TruTrac cross ply tires.
That was circa 1973 or so. Back in the day when you had to make most of the parts the make it easy now, like motor mount brackets etc.
Sorry haven't got a picture of the driveshaft.

Good luck with your conversion,just don't cut a pristine truck.

Thanks jb
Yikes, I'd burn my hands and arms trying to work on that engine! I don't care for my rather conservative headers, and will eventually go back to ram's horns.

Regardless, nice, clean install.

Where's the battery?
I have a 350/465/205 combo in my '70. To save cutting, it has a 1" body lift. As far as moving the axle, you don't have to if you run a CV. Mine is short, but I never had any problems with it. I did end up moving the axle back when I put on a set of Alcans, but only 2".

I would suggest getting a DD Machine clocking ring for your 205. It is going to hang down pretty far without it. Also, support that 205 using the built in mounting bolts on top. Just plan that into your crosssmember.

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