I'm back. Went bowhunting for a while....finishing my build finally (1 Viewer)

alex e

Apr 1, 2006
Hello again guys. I'm just a bit away from a finished rig. Started a company and hunted with my bow extensively for two years.....back-burnered the 40 for a bit.

Currently 5.7L fi V8 swap with Downey's and RTC conversion, full custom wiring harness, SOA, springs flipped and shackles reversed, 4X4 labs hi steer, power steering, boxed front end, full MT Family cage, 37" Krawlers on 17s, OME/HFS 2.5" lift suspension, stock 4 spd, tube seat cradle system, etc.

Looking for seats and 5 point harnesses.

Today I am sourcing hardware for the drivelines. Can't remember if anyone has a good source other than Toyota for drive flange bolts, nuts, washers. Usually I'd order from Marlin but wanted to see if there's alternatives.

Thanks. I'll be using search.

Rig is almost 40" to the top of the rocker panels. Not quite sure how I'll get up there much less not tump right over every time I take a turn. :D

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