I’m a moron - could use some help on SBC pully set up

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Dec 16, 2018
Under the heading of this is why I have a shed full of parts from cars that have long gone, because I was working in someone else’s warehouse space I overly disposed of parts from the old SBC. The new crate engine is in and I need to connect everything now but as it turns out I had a extra long crank pulley set up that I’m having trouble finding a replacement for. You think these things will be everywhere but I am a bit stumped.

The old engine also had a long water pump, so that’s what I ordered when I replaced with this one for a new one, but I’m obviously nowhere close on alignment here.

Well first off the old one is a 3 groove and the new is 2. I dont remember if that front pulley is a separate piece or if it's al1 piece(the 3 groove pulley)
Good morning Gentlemen , hope you both are well and staying safe.

@peesalot - I ordered another three groove pulley but when I measured I don’t think it’s going to give me the additional reach that I need, that said I can always return it, and the two groove is clearly not getting it done. Thanks for the eyes on it .

@bikersmurf - To be honest I hadn’t really thought about making that conversion, the old school pully system worked fine for last year’s adventure and I thought I was going to be “keeping it simple by just transferring everything over, to be honest I hadn’t really thought about making that conversion, the old-school pulley system worked fine for last year‘s adventure and I thought I was going to be “keeping it simple “by just transferring everything over” well that didn’t work out. Ooof
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As you must know, when Chevy used the short water pump, the alternator sat out beside the cylinder head, and there was a matching set of pulleys for the short water pump. With the long water pump the alternator sat in front of the cylinder head, again with a matching set of pulleys. Kinda sounds to me like you are trying to mix pulleys ???
It looks like even if you had the proper crank pulley, the alt and p/s pump will be fighting for the same groove. I think your ps pump mounted too far forward. You might need a different bracket. The stk crank pulley is 1 piece. When I get a chance I'll look l To see if I have a spare pulley.
Good morning and thanks for the responses.

@Downey - thanks for the reminder, what is weird is that I am using the same set up as before as I had for the long neck.

@pb4ugo - very helpful shot. I can adjust the location of the power steering pump to match the rest of the set up, good catch.

@peesalot - picked up a quality three grove pulley to try today.

I realized I have one more thing going on here - I changed the brand/sourcing of the crank damper and I wonder if that is what is making the difference in where everything is locating?

Thanks for all of the responses - hope everyone has had a good weekend so far.
Back in business - I think anyway! Double grove water pump and three grove crank pulley.

Thanks for the help.


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