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Mar 26, 2012
I'm installing a Flame Thrower coil and electronic ignition system on my 1975 Fj40 with a 2F. I don't think I'm getting any juice to the dizzy. I have in wire fuse lighter installed on the first spark plug cord to see if any current is getting to the 1st spark plug. When I crank over the engine several times it won't light up.

Maybe I don't have the wiring setup correctly. I have removed the old coil and all hardware. What do the following wires indicate. See first picture.

White wire with grey line (bottom wire in picture) =?, not connected to anything now

Red Wire (second wire from bottom)= I assume + wire that comes from the key to start the car and connects to the + terminal on the new coil

Thin black wire with yellow line (third wire from bottom in picture)= ?, not connected to anything now

Thick black wire with yellow line (fourth wire from bottom in picture)=?, not connected to anything now

Also I believe the picture below the wires is a ballast resistor from the original setup. Do I need to still use this? If so should it be installed between the + red wire and + terminal on the flame thrower coil?
ballast resistor.jpg

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