Ignition switch stuck past "Start" position

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Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
I removed my ignition switch tumbler because I was getting cranking at the ""on" position. I removed it and accidentally moved the key past the "Start" position, and now it won't turn either direction. Is there a trick here? Or did I just cost myself a tumbler?

Trip next week so any quick help is greatly appreciated!

:beer: Ramon
I did the same the other night when I was installing my 55 column for my 60 PS conversion.. I managed to fiddle with it enough to get it to come back around.. I dont know what the trick is though, but it comes back past start rather than all the way around..
Thanks for the info vk7ybi, but both my wife and I "tinkered" with the tumbler for what seemed to be hours and no dice. Luckily, I had a couple stock steering columns and keys I robbed the tumbler from for our trip. I guess I'll keep trying, but I'm thinking I'll have to run a door key and ignition key now :(

:beer: R

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