Ignition Switch Sticking

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Dec 7, 2002
The ignition switch sticks on one of our FJ60s. It gets stuck on the Starter Position; we have return it manually to run. I tried squirting electrical cleaner and WD 40 down the keyhole with no success. Please tell me your experiences.
This happened to the ignition switch on my old FJ60. I sourced a used one and then swapped it out. IIRC it was a little pricey brand new.

There is a spring inside the switch that goes bad. I don't think it is serviceable.
Is your problem in the lock cylinder or in the piece that mounts to the bottom of it? I went through this about two years back, I had to replace both since one died outright and the other was at death's door. Napa sells an exact match for the key cylinder, Toyota still sells the lower portion that plugs into the wire harness. I thought about just doing a push-button starter, but in the end I just bought a used lower switch.
When mine behaved like that I took it apart and the spring and its mounts were buggered. It was not worth fixing. I believe the Ignition switch is discontinued from Toyota (Beno?), but Standard Motor makes a pretty good one. The switches on the later 60's have a pig-tail lead for the key-left-in-the-ignition buzzer. If you don't care about that, you can use the early one. I did, it was a little less coin. Around $60-75 new. The contacts do wear, so better to go new than used, unless you can get one really cheap.

And FWIW, I just saw the key lock mechanism on closeout at rockauto for $35 instead of the usual $80
You guys are way ahead of me on the knowledge curve about this. I will get my FSM and study up. Right now, the rig in question is at the body shop getting the rockers covered in Rhino liner for $225! What a screaming deal! Unless, as the old saying goes, "If it's too good to be true....

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