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Oct 29, 2020
Snowy Mountains
Hi all,
I’m new to this forum so thank you in advance for any help that contributors may be able to provide me.
The vehicle is a September 1983 Diesel Landcruiser GXL in excellent condition fitted with an aftermarket turbo kit.
I have been chasing down a charging problem. With the engine running I was inspecting the external voltage regulator when the engine suddenly stopped.
I noted that I had lost my normal ignition indications on the dash (filter light etc that would be on illuminated with the engine stopped).
When the key is turned on only the slightest click can be heard behind the dash not the normally clearly audible click of the relay engaging.
The engine will crank in the start position but will not run as the engine shut-off solenoid is in the off position.
Looking at the wiring diagram (not very clear due to small smudged print) I believe the problem may lie with either the ignition relay or the power wire that is shown running from between the alternate and the voltage regulator.
Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about this problem?
Where is the ‘ignition‘ relay located?
Is the power wire to the ‘ignition‘ relay coloured white?
What sequence of tests can I perform to isolate and fix the problem?

any assistance gratefully accepted.

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