Ignition issue - no power at coil

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Oct 3, 2017
Long Island
1973 FJ40 was running great, then let me down roadside. Originally I was seeing only 10v at +coil side with ignition in run, but the truck ran. I figured I had a detiorating ignition switch. Then during the break down I had 0v with key on run. Figured my ignition switch was failed completely. I ran a jumper from + on battery to + on coil and was able to start it up and get me home. I replaced the switch with a new OEM switch and I'm still getting 0v at coil with key in run. I jumped out the fusible link to see if that changed anything but no dice. What could it be other than a faulty wire inside the harness? Thanks!
Not sure if the coil on your '73 uses a ballast resistor, but mine crapped out earlier in the summer which led to no voltage at the coil. Maybe worth taking a look.


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