Ignition Cylinder 88 hj60

Sep 29, 2004
San Francisco, CA
Well I finally got my ignition cylinder woes squared away.

For those who don't recall-- I couldn't get the cylinder out of my 88 hj60 (central america spec vehicle).

As it turns out, there appear to be two different push button areas on landcruisers.

My US-spec fj60 has the release button up near the cylinder housing opening, easy to get at with the wheel in place.

The hj60 has almost the same button, but it is much closer to the column. I had to pull off the steering wheel to get to it.

So, once I finally got it out, I figured I would just drop in the fj60 cylinder and go...
but that doesn't work!! Apparently there are some shape differences in the housing area that prevented the two assemblies from being interchangeable.

In the end, I pulled the actually lock cylinders out of the ignition cylinders, then modified them slightly with drill and dremel, then swapped them and reinstalled the lock cylinders into the ignition cylinder and into the column. Ta-da! My hj60 now has a functional key.

Of course, the fj doesn't.... but she is mostly a parts car now anyway.

I'll try to post a picture or two but I doubt I'll take it apart again.


Mod in Hibernation
Sep 6, 2004
North West Ontario
you didn't turn Sandy into a parts car did you?? After being stolen and recovered?

Have you updated the website lately?
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