If you had to do it over again on wheels and tires...

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Apr 7, 2004
Hobbs, NM
After mulling over my options with the wheels I had, mulling it over with the new tires I had, I'm leaning towards trying to get stock wheels put into a 17" hoop, and keeping the stock center caps. There aren't enough tire sizes in 15" anymore, at least not 33x9.50, and although I love my Mickey Thompson Challenger wheels, if I go to stock rims I don't have to worry about wheel spacers anymore. If you guys were doing it over, would you stay with 15s, or bite the bullet and get new 17" rims made so you can improve your tire selection?
Lots of 40s around here are switching to 80 series rims and running 285s or 315s.
What are the specs on 80 series rims? A 315 sounds huge for a footprint. What is that, like 12" wide or so?

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