if you dont mind me posting

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Jul 12, 2007
Charles Town, West Virginia
hey guys, im parting out my truck, and i was on here before, and planning on becoming a member to the mountaineer cruisers, well, my car officailly died, and im parting it out. if y'all need anytihng, let me know. thanks
well, the trans went, and i am not planning on a new one for another 4 years, once i get out of college, right now im worried about mileage, and a reliable car i can put a crap load of miles on
I wish i was a little closer I would have to come and look at what I would want. I dont really need anything right now but once I get back home I am going to start building a trail only truck out of a cheap 60. PM Cruiser88 and he will give you the info on joining the club.
hey if you still have the tcase i am needing one. i sent a pm yesterday.

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