Idle selinoid removal

Sep 18, 2010
Urbandale, Iowa
I have a 77 FJ40 that has ran beautifully for the past several years. I rarely needed to even use the choke to start it. Half choke generally did the trick.

Earlier this year I replaced all the valve stem seals and my truck was now idling from 900 to 1000rpm.

So this past weekend I thought I would adjust the carb using the lean drop method but everything's went to crap.

I barely adjusted the two screws and now it hardly will run. I don't get any click from the idle selinoid and I checked that I am getting power to the circuit.

So I suspect my selinoid isn't working properly. My question is can it be removed without removing the entire carburetor?

It looks like I will need to remove the entire air filter and attack it from the air rail side of things.

My 2f is fully smogged and will triple check all my vacuum lines. I'm really surprised how little I adjusted things has resulted in it hardly running.

Thank you
Jul 28, 2006
Hilo, Hawaii
Try a jumper wire for the negative (ground) side of the idle solenoid. I'm not sure about 77....but my 70 carb, will release the solenoid without removing too much else, maybe just the accelerator linkage and choke cable.

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