Idle question? valves or spark plugs or????

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Oct 19, 2006
I have a 79 2f in my fj. I just did a valve job, replaced spark plugs, and replaced the secondary diaphram. I then warmed up and did the quick carb adj. 3 turns out on the back screw idle screw to 750rmps the screwed in the back screw until idle dropped a little. However, now i cant get the engine to smooth out. The rpms are jumping about 300rpms. Any ideas. Was running fine before i did all this other crap.

Sounds like a leaking valve.......

Try adjusting them again......
i just got back from a little drive. I didn't have the idle issue. It ran alot cooler due to night time temps (about 10-20degrees). Could this be a temp issue? I also noticed now i get a little stall when the secondary opens up??????

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