Idle problem

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Dec 7, 2005
Okay, after researching and reading posts, I ran the codes from my 92 LC, and I got Error codes: 21 and 71, EGR and O2 Sensors. I followed the EGR modulator checkup also check for lose hoses and I've reset the ECU, the modulator was clean, after reseting it, the car idles better and has more power when pushing the gas, after comming from my vacation in Mexico, I noticed that in uphills the LC had a problem keeping up over 55mph, I could feel that the truck is or was running underpowered, now as farest as the o2 sensor, is broken somehow I have to buy it, I think that's why I get that strong smell of burnt gas.

I will run the test again too see if I get error 71 again.

Any suggestions?
Okay went back, I said HECK IT!, I rewired the OS2 Sensors cables, code 21 GONE!, and checked for 71 and is gone after following the EGR modulator post.

COOL! idles better!!
I have an idea for you---I live in Mexico and the gas sucks--they never clean the tanks or replace fuel filters. I would try replacing your fuel filter. I have been having idle problems and this helped.

You may also want to make sure your throttle cable isn't stretched out and adjust it per the fsm.

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