Idle problem with Weber carb

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Nov 10, 2006
Hi all,

My 72 FJ40 with a 32/36 Weber carb was running fine until today.

For some strange reason, it will not idle *at all* unless the choke plates are partially closed (electric choke) or the idle screw is screwed in all the way.
While under load or driving around, everything seems fine. She has power and the motor runs pretty smoothly. However, when I come to a stop, the truck will often die out by itself unless I give some throttle.

What could be wrong? Like I mentioned earlier, she was running great until today, and I didn't change or touch anything. I need help. Please?

Debris in the fuel bowl has made it into the idle jet.

Remove the top of the carburetor and look into the float bowl. I bet you will see junk sitting in there, just waiting to create issues for you.
Debris in the fuel bowl has made it into the idle jet.


Exactly. CLASSIC ANY carb. Time for a rebuild.


Mark A.
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the replies.

Do I really have to rebuild the carb, or can I just clean out the debris? The carb isn't that old. (Around a year, at most)
The PO purchased it and installed it right before I bought her last October.

Lastly, how do I access the bowl and idle jet? Is it something I can do with the carb installed on the truck, or do I have to remove it?
Again, thanks for any help. I haven't messed around with carbs that much.
Cleaning with some carb cleaner seems to have solved the problem. Thanks guys!

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