Idiot Youtubber Ironman 4x4 Lift Review Video

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nice work Jake, looking forward to episode 2!
I guess we're still waiting for the Part II install?
What kind of 2 bit, fly infested carnival ride is this anyways!! :p
Nice! I stumbled across your channel a few months ago and binged a bunch of episodes. Really funny and all around good content. Had no idea you were on Mud.
Have the Ironman lift on my 05 LX. Absolutely love it! Actually considering jumping into a GX at some point, so this is awesome!
I have been very happy with the Ironman FCP lift on my GX. The stuff is BEEFY compared with stock.
I'm actually very intrigued by this suspension. Foam cell technology is even being used in drop in cartridges for mountain bike forks. The big bonus is not having to rebuild these so often. When you do they are not pressurized like nitrogen. I imagine they can be rebuilt at home in the garage.

I will tell you rebuilding shocks and forks on my motorcycles every 25-50 hours gets old. You did a good compromise on these Jake. Looking forward to your install and review.
I will never unhear, "A strut is what happens when a daddy shock and a mommy spring love each other very much". And my world is now better because of it.

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