Ididit Column Steering Wheel options close to OEM look-

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Aug 28, 2015
Boise, Idaho
I have an ididit tilt column in my 40 and I'm trying to see what people have put on their 40's. I want to keep it mostly classic looking but unfortunately, nobody on the planet has put an OEM wheel on their column and they don't make an adapter. I've personally asked about 10 of the biggest 40 mod/resto shops and nobody has done this. What would be perfect is to find a new wheel that accepts the donut horn button but that's probably a very long shot.

Anybody have any options WITH PHOTOS?
I agree on the ugly- that actually looks pretty good-they are chevy pattern I think. I don't know why there isn't a Toyota option.

Thanks for the feedback so far!
I don’t know why I missed this- but is that a splined wheel from Chevy? I’m wondering if I may be able to use an 80 series wheel on a Chevy column?? Maybe I just need something newer from Toyota... which I’d be ok with.

I don't know about the ididit columns... I'll guess they are standard Chevy mounting.

On my old FJ40 and all three of my FJ55s, I went with a clean 86ish S10 steering wheel in addition to the stock column. Here is an FJ40 picture:
View attachment 1980268

In my opinion, all the after market wheels I've seen are fugly.
Hi Bwiygul @bwiygul,

Glad to see you are still looking at installing a Toyota steering wheel onto your aftermarket column....I too am interested. What I'm leaning to at this point is a Moma steering wheel. I had a horn button from an earlier Toyota wheel, so I sliced and diced it to work on the Momo horn button. Still needs a little clean up, but it's all a work in progress.
I like what you did there...I actually just emailed ididit again to get some more info. I wish I had a column here to do some r and d. I'm thinking about a plate that could mount to the ididit that has a spline installed into it to mount the OEM wheel. I don't know how they make the spline hole though....if there were a block that the OEM spline could go through as a section and then the wheel could mount and bolt? that's kind of my idea right now but since I don't have everything here.....

you have the ididit on yours?
I have a Flaming River (same thing, GM based). The picture is of a FR adapter to fit the Momo (I think it also fits Grant) wheel to the FR column It's dished down an 1 1/2", one thought is too cut it down and tap it, and mount the wheel in the same fashion as Momo's...which is 6 screws or add a Toyota spline to a plate....while trying to accommodate the extra thickness of a stock wheel vs a Momo. All random thoughts at this point.
I think you have to add the spline. I don’t know that I’d trust make shifting the wheel to those mount points.

Or- a plate that mounts to those locations with a centered spline to drop the wheel on and bolt to.
3+ years later....
I'm also looking to add a Toyota wheel to an ididit (GM) column. Plan at the moment is to fab up a 3 bolt plate with Toyota splined stub welded on. Of course R&D will be required to get it to fit/position correctly.
In the meantime (and it is a LONG video that needs lost of fast forwarding), this guy heads down a similar road:
Wow I forgot I even started this thread. There’s a place that modified my oem wheel to fit but I forgot the name. I’ll try to look at my records. I shipped the wheel, $400 and my old wheel fits perfectly on my gm column.

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