Identify This on MC...?

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Jan 25, 2007
Lincoln, CA
So I am replacing my brake master cylinder this week... still waiting for the replacement but when taking off the old one I realized that there was something attached to the RR pipe that I have never seen before. I searched as many pictures of MC's that I could find and did not see anything like this. Do I need to replace this as well? Any thoughts?

All I could think is that it is a proportioning valve(no idea what those look like)... but I don't have disc in the rear.

So for clarification a steel pipe went from RR to this and then a pipe out of it to the brakes... hope the pics help
It says ASCO - stock proportioning valve? I've never worked on an FJ that had stock disks though.
off topic but thats my quote from my senior paragraph!!! ...gotta love heinlein
Yeah it is a stock proprotioning valve for cruisers with front discs.
okay so I found some information about this is the FAQ.. whadda ya know.. i guess I'll have to pass this on to the new MC after all..

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