Identify this head: Toyota or aftermarket?

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Dec 10, 2007
Posting up a photo of an FZJ80 head that is missing the ID tab normally found on the front right side. Is there enough in this photo to determine whether or not it's an OEM Toyota head?

Landcruiser FZJ80 head 010.jpg

What say the experts?
Was it supercharged in a previous life? That tab comes off to bolt up the sc. Are the MAF wires extended?
MAF wires appear stock length. Is the rusty ?plug deep in the hole at the upper left factory installed?
My id tag is missing as well but yours does look slightly different than mine. AFAIK, and According to Toyota, mine has never been apart. I think some putz took it off at some point. I am second owner and all maintain rec came with truck from Toyota.
OK, thanks. I know the head gasket was replaced before I picked up this 80, so maybe the head was a salvage yard part and missing the tag, or the tag of the original head was removed/knocked off at some point before I got the truck.
I don't have an ID tag on my head either. As far as I know, the head was never taken off.
Are any of the threaded holes in image above used to mount a PAIR valve on the earlier years?

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