Ideas for rear DVD area.

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Apr 6, 2012
Greenwood, AR
This is me brainstorming and hopefully getting some good ideas. I'm not a fan of the rear DVD. I want my kids to look out of the windows and they have iPads anyway. So I'm thinking about if/when I take it down, what is a good idea to put in its place? I was thinking it could be a good location for a CB install? But I plan to remove the CD changer and mount one there.

Anybody have any cool ideas for putting something up where the rear DVD is?
Disco ball?

Seriously though, I was thinking the same thing. There has to be something cool/different to mount there! I ended up just replacing my (missing when I bought the truck) screen with an OEM dome light. Can still sorta see the outline of the screen, but overall I'm happy with just the light vs an old screen screen that no one would ever use.
any chance either of you guys want to part with your working rear DVD player?
any chance either of you guys want to part with your working rear DVD player?

Like I mentioned, my truck didn't actually come with one. Just a nice hole where one used to be. I did look at sourcing one for awhile, but I decided against it as a tablet mounted to the headrest made more sense for me long term.
Mine isn't working very well. It hasn't been able to make it through a DVD without skipping like crazy. Even after cleaning it.
Rear DVD units are exactly why I think the auto industry can suck it sometimes. DVD's were never a great technology, too much turbulence in cars for them to be manageable.

And as you wisely point out, the Ipad defeats it's purpose.

I use the drivers side corner to mount a Yaesu radio. But I removed subs to do that.

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