Ideal suspension setup to suit 35’s?

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Jul 29, 2017
Whitsundays, North Queensland, Australia
Hey all, so I have an 86 fj60 (swapped to diesel) currently running stock rear springs with extended shackles and has 75 series springs up front with extended shackles.

Though the 75 springs flex well it’s still a bit stiff and stock springs in rear are old and sagged. I’m just chasing suggestions on a good setup for 35’s. Was hoping to fit rear draws and spare wheel carrier so will have a bit of weight in the rear. I previously had 300kg constant loads but it was far too stiff.
I don't know if it is ideal but I'm running SOA with 2 extra springs in the front and 1 extra in the back to support the 6BT. My current tires are 33" but 35" would fit fine.

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