Ideal oil pressure gauge reading during first oil after rebuild

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Jan 12, 2008
West MI near GVSU
We have 250 miles on our rebuild (95) now and I'm wondering where the oil pressure gauge should read for everything to be right with the rings breaking in.

I used Rotella 15-w40 with break in additive. After its warmed up at idle the needle is just below the first mark. At 2k it's middle range to the 2/3 mark. Should I have my mechanic guy check the pressure manually or wait until I've changed the oil for round two?

I also added a Ford 90* filter adapter and a Dodge 1085 Napa filter-wide body, just fits the height of the space.

I'm not seeing any oil smoke from the exhaust like we did prior to the rebuild.
I added a mechanical guage when I did mine also barely have 300 miles on rebuild. My oem guage is broke and had to have something. Anyway it was cheap and easy put it where the oil sending unit goes ..think I had a thread on it.
IGNORE everything the OE gauge shows you they are notoriously inaccurate...period.

Get a master oil pressure gauge on it first, that is the only way to get actual numbers, the OE version is used as an indication you have 'some' pressure but does not give you the numbers.

In my long running thread (link in sig), I show it is entirely possible to calibrate the OE version, I did mine and at the same time put in a 'T' and wired in an oil pressure switch, (<21psi brings on the light), the 80 does not have an oil pressure light, a serious omission IMO by Mr T.



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